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Dan Miller's Picnic ~

"Monet" ~ Dan Miller ~ Woodcut Print ~ 11" x 15"

I went to a picnic today out at Dan Miller's house in Christiana, Pennsylvania. It was out past Lancaster, about 50 miles west of Philadelphia.

Dan Miller, Head of the Academy's Graduate Program, bought 15 acres of land out in Christiana 45 years ago for $13,000 and has lived there ever since. He's got a 250 year old farm house, a barn, a customized printmaking studio, a wood shop, some cows, and several acres of corn fields. Most of Dan's neighbors are Amish. They waved to us as they rode by in their horse drawn carriages.

The landscape was pastoral and serene. Lush rolling hillsides of cornfields and cow pastures were sparsely punctuated by dense pockets of Pennsylvania forest. The air was thick with the smells of Indian Summer. We sat and ate lunch on the crumbling stone foundation of some colonial building that had collapsed long before I was born. Horses grazed in the field across the street and the landscape stretched out for miles all around us.

In the afternoon we walked through fields of clover and sketched the horizon beneath an old apple tree. We talked art and politics and passed the time in a lazy old way. It was the perfect remedy for my busted up body and soul. I feel renewed.
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