King Neptune (kingneptune) wrote,
King Neptune

Philadelphia, PA

City Hall ~ Philadelphia, PA

I made a few changes in my life over the past couple months. I moved from LA to Philadelphia and started graduate studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. I gave my loft to my roommate Satine and took over my brother's one bedroom apartment on Drexel Campus. It's a cozy first floor place with hardwood floors, tall ceilings, and bars on the windows. There are restaurants, coffee shops, and dry cleaners all within walking distance. I feel almost civilized!

I've been eating a ridiculous amount of cheese steaks and hoagies. These are things you can't find in LA. I ride the subway everyday. The train cars and platforms are clean but the tunnels smell faintly of old farts. The city is beautiful but deserted. I spend a lot of time walking the streets and rediscovering this town that I haven't known in so long.

And it rains. Probably about once a week or so. Maybe it's the change of season, I'm not sure. But after spending the past six years living in the dry desert climate of southern California, I welcome a little rain. It's refreshing.
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