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Pastel Drawings ~ Fall 2008

Here is a collection of pastel drawings I made this fall while working with Scott Noel at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. All of these drawings were produced by working directly from life, which was a really nice change of pace. I spent about 4 or 5 days a week working from live models.

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i love the sepia toned skeletons and the last one reminds me of Charles Demuth's work
Working from real skeletons is kind of a thrill. I'm hoping to do more of it this next semester.

Interesting that you should mention Charles Demuth. He lived most of his life about 40 miles from here in Lancaster, PA, and was also an alumnus of the Pennsylvania Academy. I've always enjoyed his work.
Let me know if you'd ever consider doing an art card or selling a print of skeletons...i seem to be acquiring them and I like it.

That is so cool about Demuth, I didn't realize that. Have you ever seen the films he shot of Manhattan? they're so beautiful and really put the city in an interesting light.
i never got the hang of pastel. you definitely did ;)
i still wanna know who stole that dude's lower jaw.
re: lower jaw, i think it was Yorrick...i knew him well...:)
Thanks Nate. I've learned that Pastel is a lot more forgiving than conte crayon or pencil. You just spray it down with fixative and you can continue drawing right on top.

That dude's lower jaw is probably still kicking around the building somewhere. There are vaults in the basement containing sketchbooks and artwork dating back 200 years.
hmm... the old workable fixative, eh?

that's insane about the old art. just insane.